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Product Administration Tool Help Tuesday, October 16, 2012 09:10 AM
Use The "Products" Admin Section to Create and Update Products for Sale or Display on the Site
Product Administration Options and Values
ProductIDIndicates the ProductID Number.
Visits to DateShows Current Number of user Views of this Product
DescriptionThe "Description" Value is used to provide details about the product, this information will display on the Product Listing and Processing (Orders, Contact) Pages
Product ActiveThe "Product Active" Value determines whether the product will be displayed (Active) or hidden (Inactive) on it's assigned Site Page or the Featured Pages. Default is "Inactive" to allow the Product Details to be Edited and Corrected before they are displayed.
PriceThe "Price" Value allows assigns the base unit price for this product in currency selected on the Site Admin Page
The "Weight" Value is used to set the shipping weight for this product and adjust shipping value (1 = 1lb) accordingly.
Volume DiscountThe "Volume Discount" Value sets the price once the multiple item Threshold has been met or exceeded by a purchaser
Display on Page
The "Display On Page" value allows you to select which Basic Page to list and display this product.
Display Order
The "Display Order" Value assigns the Order in which this Product will be listed on the Site, lowest number first. Each New Product will default to an Order value greater than the current highest Product Order Number by 10.
Primary Image
The "Primary Image" value will upload and place an image on the site which will be used as to display the product on the site pages. On Basic Pages the height and width of this image will be constrained by the Product Width & Height Settings on the "Site" Admin Page. On Product Processing Pages such as Orders or Contact it will be displayed using  the Order Width value from the "Site" Admin Page. An image width of 300-400 Pixels is recommended for the best appearance.
Secondary Image
The "Secondary Image" is an optional value which can be used to show a Second View (From the Back or Side) of a Product. This page may appear on Basic Pages if selected and will always appear on Product Processing Pages such as Orders or Contact.
LightTable Image
The "LightTable Image" is an optional value which can be used to provide a transparent view of the product which will have it's color automatically changed using the color options within the Inventory Section. (Below)
Image Gallery
The "Image Gallery" Value allows additional pictures of the Product in different Styles, Colors or Sizes which will be displayed on Product Processing Pages such as Orders, Contact or the Gallery Page. These images can also be linked to the product inventory and used to select different versions of a product by the customer to order
Gallery Active
The "Gallery Active" Value determines whether the Image Gallery for this product will be displayed (Active) or hidden (Inactive) on the Order and Contact Pages. Images may still appear if linked to an inventory item, when that item is selected.
Post To Blog The "Post to Blog" option allows you to submit a product launch or product update announcement to one of your blog pages.
Design Types
The "Design Types" Value allows you to enter and update a list of Decoration Design Types (Silkscreen, Applique', Embroidery, Transfer Print or other) for all of your products.  The specific design elements available for this particular product can then be input and edited in the Design Overlays Section. Setup Amount is Cost for Pre-Production Setup, Unit Cost is addition price for each Design per Unit and will be combined and added to the product price by the Design Group (Below) selected by the User.
Design Templates
The "Design Templates" Value allows create groups for individual design graphics or texts which can be placed onto this particular product.
Design Overlays
The "Design Overlays" Value allows upload a graphic or input text as a Sample Design to decorate your products. The image or text will be sized, position and displayed on top of the product primary image, secondary image, lighttable or gallery image as needed.
Copy Designs
The "Copy Designs" Feature allows you to copy a Group of Designs from another Product to The Current One
Download Gallery
 The "Download Gallery" Value allows files to uploaded which can be sold directly as part of the product. These may be music files or other types of downloadables, which when a user purchases the product will be provided via a page with a download link. 
HTML/Video Embed
The "HTML/Video Embed" value allows you to enter Text, HTML Code, A Youtube Video or Flash File to be displayed in place of the Primary Product Image on Basic Pages. Using this feature you can build a Video Library to be shown on the Videos Product Processing Page.
Processing Page
The "Processing Page" Value allows you to assign which Product Processing Page (Paypal Orders, Contact Form, Gallery) will be displayed when a user clicks on this Product. 
Display as Featured Item
The "Display Featured" Value allows make this product a Featured Item which will appear on any Featured Item Page in addition to it's basic Display Page. This allows you to highlight new or on sale items and is an excellent way to indicate items which may be available at a discount using a "Coupon Code" option.
The "Category" value allows you to create and assign one or more specific Categories for organizing your products across all site pages. Note: All Categorized Items will be listed and searchable on the SuperEShops Homepage.
Combination Product
The "Combination Product" value allows this product to be displayed on the Orders and/or Contact page as option for Combination with another product.
The "SKU" Value allows assigns the Stock Keeping Number for this product for inventory tracking
Show # of Items In Stock
The "Show # of Items In Stock" option allow you to display on the Basic Pages and Processing Pages how many of this product are current included in your inventory based on your Inventory specifications (Below).
Available Sizes/Options
The "Available Sizes/Options" Value allows you to enter and update a list of sizes (One Size Fits All, Youth-Small, Adult-Large) or other Options  for all of your products. The appropriate sizes, colors or types available for this particular product can then be edited in the Inventory Section (Below) The "Order" sets the display order for the sizes, and the "Button" value provides a Letter, Number or Text which will be used to create a clickable button for the User to select a particular Size or Option for this product
The "Inventory" Value allows you to specify the Quantity, Colors/Types and Sizes of your product you currently have available, and to update what has been sold and/or shipped. The resulting remainder in stock can be displayed to users on the Basic and Product Processing Pages (Above).These settings are also used to determine when an item is Sold Out (which will remove the item from the Order Page_ or available on "Back Order" (which will continue to display the item, even though the inventory for it is empty). Clickable colored boxes will be generated when a color is assigned. The "Price Adj" figure allows you to set how much greater or less each item (+$1 for Size 2x or -$6 for an MP3 single) within the inventory will cost compared to the base price (set above) for the entire product. 
Out of Stock Page
The "Out of Stock Page" allows you to select an alternate Product Processing Page which will be displayed when your product is Sold Out or Only Available on Back Order (Based on your Inventory Settings). This value can send a user to the Contact Form, rather than the Orders Form when the Product is Sold Out, however letting them continue to go to Orders if the product is still available on Back Order is also an option. The Default is "-None-" which will make the Product unclickable when all inventory items are exhausted until you designate a processing page to function with this option.
The "Invoices" value display the number and amount of orders which have been completed for this product.
Notify Messages
The "Notify" value allows you to send a Email Messages to all Users who have indicated that they want to be Notified about future updates on this product through the Contact Page.
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