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Widget Administration Tool Help Monday, October 15, 2012 12:10 PM
The "Widgets" Section of the SuperEShops Administration Section is used to Create and Update Custom Widgets and Tools such as Mailing List Forms or Facebook & Twitter Links display in various areas of your Site and Pages.

Widget Options and Values
NameThe "Widget Name" is an internal tool to identify the purpose of this widget, it is not display on any pages.
ActiveThe "Active" value determines whether the widget will be displayed on the site or any specific pages. Default is "Inactive"
DescriptionThe "Description" describes the purpose of the widget in detail, this information does not appear on the site.
Display Order
The "Display Order" value sets the order in which widgets assigned to the same section of the site or page will display.  New Widgets default to an Order Value 10 higher than the current largest available for the site which places it normally at the end.  Changing the value to a lower number will move this widget higher in the display order.
WidthThe "Width" field controls the Width in pixels for this Widget to be shown on the Page.
HeightThe "Height" field controls the Height in pixels for this Widget to be shown on the page.
Location The "Location" value sets the position that this particular Widget Will Appear on the Site. Available Locations are as Follows:
Headline - Very Top of Page
Leader - Far Left Side of Center Section
Title - Title Section to the Right of Site Logo
Subtitle - Below Title Section
Splash - On a Designated "Splash" Page
Navigation - At End of Navigation Options
Header - Within Header Above Center Section
Top - Top of Center Section
Left - Left of Center Section
Products - At Top of Product Displays
Product Bottom - At Bottom of Product Displays
Order Gallery - In Gallery Section of Order Pages
Blog - At the Top of Blog Entries
BlogTail - Far Right Section of Blog Pages w/ Archives & Tags
Right - Right of Center Section
Bottom - Bottom of Center Section
Footer - Within the Page Footer
Fishtail - At Far Right of Center Section
Popup - Within a Custom Popup Window
Page Display
The "Page Display" value selects whether this Widget will display on all pages, or only on pages where "Show Custom Widget" has been activated (Note: Page Display has to be activated on each Widget first, then the Pages individually updated)
GroupThe "Group" value determines whether the widget will be displayed horizontally grouped with other widgets grouped together or singularly within a vertical list. Default is "Vertical"
The "Content" Value includes the actual HTML code used to produce the Widget.  You can enter your own code here, code supplied by another site such as Twitter or Facebook or modify code from our Widget Library.  Also note various "Tags" which are available to automatically adjust and dynamically update the widget depending on which page and position it is displayed.  Current Tags are:
Widget Image
 The "Widget Image" value will upload and place an image on the site to be displayed within the widget.
Mobile The "Mobile"  value determines whether this widget will be displayed on a mobile device. Default is "Inactive". This value must be set to "Active" to allow this widget to be shown when the site is being browsed by a tablet or mobile phone.
Custom Program
 The "Custom Program" values allows for custom programs to be plugged into the page as a Widget.
Page Select
 The "Page Select" limits this widget to function only for products from a specific page.
Product Select
 The "Product Select" limits this widget to function only for a specific product.

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